Build an Electron App with Next.js

Eunjae Lee

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You can write index.html and wrap it with Electron. However, as your app grows, it becomes hard to maintain and scale it, just like building websites. You need a good framework like Next.js, which provides code-splitting, route pre-fetch, fast refresh on dev mode, etc.

Develop an app as if you develop a website and turn it into an Electron app. This is not a step-by-step tutorial. I will go through the source code of the app I built, GomScope, and just like handing over a project to a colleague, I explain bit by bit.

This is for you if you

  • are familiar with React
  • have a little experience with Next.js
  • want to build an electron app with Next.js
  • want to have a better dev environment including fast refresh on file change

You will learn:

  • Validating license with Gumroad license API
  • Folder structure and scripts
  • Entry file for Electron
  • Keeping the window size & position
  • Build script (Next.js + Electron)
  • Abstracting API layer
       - Using HTTP in the browser (dev)   - Using IPC in the electron (production)
  • SWR (API retry on error, refreshing on re-focus, etc.)
  • Validating license key in-depth
  • Config store (unified interface for both in browser and electron)
  • Global business logic in _app.js
  • Webpack configuration
  • Bundling (w/ rollup) the entry file for Electron
  • Build script
  • Release script
  • Notarize the app
  • Auto-updater
  • Store migration
  • Patching npm packages with patch-package
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Build an Electron App with Next.js

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